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Inspired by British Country Style, Philippa Pinkney is a British, slow-fashion brand. With a desire to break away from fast fashion, we create timeless garments that are made to be worn season after season. Our goal is to decrease fabric wastage and carbon emissions through items that can be worn time and time again, for any occasion. 

Founded by myself; Becca Stewart, each garment is designed and handmade in our home studio. Our fabric is bought from UK suppliers and milled within the UK to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

As all of our items are made to order, please allow up to two weeks for your garment to be shipped.

Maidenhead Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Navy.jpg
Caring for Your Tweed

Each Garment's Life Cycle

Design - based in Bedfordshire, everything is designed in-house. From designing each garment to marketing and social media management to packaging your orders and handling returns, it's all done in one place, therefore reducing our carbon footprint significantly.

Manufacture - also based in-house, each item is handmade lovingly. Having all of your clothes made in-house ensures you know who is making each item. We love to show you each part of the making process, from cutting fabric to attaching the final labels on social media. All of our fabric is used up - not even the tiniest scrap goes to waste! Philippa Pinkney ensures all of the fabric is cut in an efficient way to minimise waste, and any offcuts or scraps are turned into one-of-a-kind pieces or scrunchies.

Fabric Supply - we have a few fabric suppliers, but all are based within the UK. It is important to us that all of our fabric is milled within the UK, as it allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, whilst supporting British businesses. As a made to order brand, this ensures that we only ever order the amount of fabric that we need, to reduce unnecessary waste. Each fabric we bring in is of the highest quality to ensure it endures an exciting, well-loved lifestyle as our pieces are for everyday wear and lifestyle! By only using high quality, natural fabrics, there is the reassurance that your garment will last a lifetime, and reduce the need for fast fashion.

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